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Seattle Crossdocking Warehouse Services

Our fast and efficient cross docking operations keeps your inventory moving quickly to save resources across the board.


Crossdocking is the process of transferring both finished materials and product components to the customer with little or no storage time. Here is the basic process:

  • Cargo arrives at our warehousing facility
  • Items are unloaded to a staging/loading area
  • Inventory is sorted and consolidated into new shipments
  • Shipments leave our facility
  • Our warehouse and distribution center utilizing crossdocking have loading docks and loading/staging area to optimize inventory flow from inbound to outbound.

With a 24,000 square-foot crossdocking warehouse and four dock bays, Complete Freight Solutions can handle all of your cross-docking needs. We have forklifts, as well as long forks, chains, spare pallets, and shrink-wrap to sort and reorganize your freight for proper shipping.

(206) 428-7758
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